Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Drying equipment on floor.

Fire & Water Damage

What many do not know, is how common it is to see water damage present after a fire damage event. A small fire could set off sprinklers in your commercial property that result in water damage.

SERVPRO of Doylestown box truck.

Responding to a Fire Damage Event

Our SERVPRO of Doylestown crew recently received a call from a homeowner in Doylestown, PA that suffered from a small fire damage event. Our crew is always on standby and ready to respond to your fire loss, no matter the hour!

Fire Damage in Commercial Kitchen

This picture shows some pretty severe fire damage in a fast food kitchen. All of the kitchen appliances are covered in soot and remnants from the fire. The ceiling is falling apart in most areas as well.

Bathroom Covered in Soot After Apartment Fire

Our SERVPRO team was called in after an apartment in a complex had a fire break out. As you can see from the picture, the fire traveled in to the bathroom. The tub is covered in soot and debris from the fire.

Fire Damage in Apartment Building Hallway

Yet another photo from the apartment complex that had a fire in one of its apartments. This picture shows some remnants from the fire on the wall in one of the hallways. 

Unattended Candles Lead to Fire

A fire broke out in this home due to the consequences of unattended candles burning. Use this as reminder to always double and triple check your candles before heading to bed.